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District 12 in “The Hunger Games” (aka Henry River Mill Village): Part 1

I heard about this abandoned mill town before “The Hunger Games” movie hit the theaters.  It is actually how I came to know “The Hunger Games” Trilogy.  I wanted to explore this abandoned town after I read about it a few years ago but had also read that the roads to this town were all blocked off because a movie was being filmed at this location.  I thought nothing much of it except that I was very disappointed that I could not explore Henry River Mill Village.  However, I waited it out, and eventually took the journey to Hildebran, NC; when we arrived it appeared as if no one had stepped foot in this ghost town for ages.  The only indication that part a major motion picture had been shot here was the “Pastries” and “Cakes” that had been added to the main town building; this even looked as though it had always been there.  And trying to make a long story short, I discovered the movie filmed at this location was called “The Hunger Games”, found out it was based on the first of a three book series, read the books, became obsessed and was one of the many fanatics that saw the first showing at 12:00am.  (In the movie this town was portrayed as District 12)

You can find a good amount of interesting history about this abandoned mill town online.  Because I personally like pictures more than words and I fear I may already be reaching the end of your attention span, I will let you seek out this info instead of me lengthening this post with the town’s history.

This is private property and I have heard that there is now a good force of security protecting the property since “The Hunger Games” hit the theaters.  Because of this, I am very excited about the fact that I was able to take these photos prior to the fan madness in North Carolina so I can share them with all of you.  Hope you enjoy!

There is a screen shot in the movie very similar to this photo.











I made a point to stop here a second time on our way to the Smoky Mountains in the Fall