Ghost Town In The Sky: Part II

As we headed up the steep and windy path along the mountainside, we finally came upon this welcome sign to “The Coburn & Sons Midway” and another breathtaking view of the mountains.


As we passed under the carnival sign, we discovered we had entered the children’s area of the park.  This zone  included a few rides, a concessions stand and more amazing views of the mountainside.


After exiting the children’s carnival area, we went across the street to the entrance of the actual “Ghost Town in the Sky”.  Before entering the town we came upon what used to be a tour train along with the train station that listed the altitude of the Ghost Town.

610The combination of a great replica of an old western town and the fact that the park had been abandoned for years, made it feel like we had transported back in time to the wild west.


After some exploration of the town, we decided we should make our way back down the mountain.  In fear of suspicious locals getting impatient that had seen us drive up the mountain and park, we wanted to be sure not to over stay our welcome.  As we took some final glances of the beautiful mountain views and the forgotten town, we made our way back to the truck knowing we would never forget this extraordinary exploration.


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