North Carolina’s First Juvenile Detention Facility: Part 1

This juvenile detention facility was opened in 1909 was to serve as a facility to place troubled youths separate from adults.  The institution originally spanned 280 acres, with the campus covering 88 of those acres.  The state reduced the population of the facility in the 1970s because ideas about treating youths changed and they were seldom incarcerated for offenses as minor as delinquency.

Eventually, a new facility was built on the grounds that currently is used for serious offenders involved in drug abuse and weapons-related charges.   About 150 young men are generally held here.  The new facility, covering about sixty acres, is enclosed by a 15-foot-high fence.  Many of the original buildings have all been left to decay…

Part 2 will include photos of the inside of some of these buildings.  Follow me by email and get a notification when Part 2 is posted!

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